Do NoFollow Links Get Ranked

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Even when I started my second website, I was still asking myself whether NoFollow links count or not. It might sound weird to you but the reason is that for my first website, I was working very hard to get backlinks, especially DoFollow links with high pageranks. Hence, it was not clear to me as to what kind of links actually boosted the ranking of my first website on Google Search.


For my second website, it's not really interesting to me so I didn't put much effort into building backlinks. Rather I did some experiments to answer the question of this post Do NoFollow Links Get Ranked?. Basically I used all sorts of SEO methods such as article writing, forum posting and blog commenting.

Now let me tell you step by step. Initially, my website had only 5 articles which were all original contents. I also did research as to which keywords to be used in my articles so that at least for each keyword, there should be 2000 visitors per month.

For backlinks, I only used article writing for the first 2 months. I didn't write much only 2 articles for 2 targeted keywords. What I got was only 3 unique visitors/day (excluding direct traffic which was from me).

I stopped writing articles after that and changed to forum posting and blog commenting. They were all NoFollow links. It was just because it's much harder to get DoFollow links these days. I kept doing that for 1 week. As a result, my traffic increased to 16 unique visitors/day.

Hence, it's fair to say NoFollow links do increase your ranking on Google. As mentioned, I did forum posting and blog commenting only for 1 week and the traffic was changed quite significantly. Moreover, I spent only less than 2 hours/day for building the NoFollow links. However, bear in mind that you should build NoFollow links from sites that are relevent to your site. How much relevant? For example, my website is about studying abroad and scholarships. Therefore, I searched for CommentLuv and KeywordLuv enabled websites about English and study abroad.

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