EDI Terminologies

This is a continuing effort to collect frequently used terms in the EDI world. This list gives you EDI related abbreviations and their full forms in conjunction with their brief definition.


This article is for those who might get confused between ERP and EDI. It shows you the difference between them.

SAP Business One vs. MYOB Enterprise EXO

SAP Business One and MYOB Enterprise EXO are both well-known accounting software on the market. This article compares their features, associated costs and the required setup.

How EDI Works

This article explains the workflow of receiving and processing orders by EDI. Step-by-step instructions will give you a quick understanding of how the whole process works in real life.

SugarCRM How To Use Accounts

This post shows you a simple example on how to use SugarCRM to save customers' Account effectively.

Why Account Numbers Should Be Used

This short post shows my own opinion which came from the real experience of my daily job as to why account numbers should be used, especially for accounting purposes.

Collabtive Web Project Management

This short article shows you how Collabtive works and the steps to install. Bear in mind that many people couldn't install Collabtive due to this error Tables could not be created. I'll also show you how to fix this problem.

How EDI Works With MYOB

This post shows you how EDI will work with MYOB. This is also applicable for other accounting software.