How To Reset MYSQL Table ID

This quick tutorial shows you how to reset MySQL tables so that the generated IDs of new entries can start from 0 or any number you want.

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How To Update MySQL Database To Reflect The Changes In Django Model

This is just my personal experience as to how to change the database according to the changes in Django models. Hence, it is absolutely not the best solution but you can use this as a reference or to gain some more knowledge regarding how Django generates database tables based on the models.

Python MySQL Example

This is a quick tutorial on how to connect to MySQL Server using Python.

Access Denied Problem When Connecting to Remote MySQL Servers

If you are having a MySQL server and want to develop a standalone application to connect to the server remotely, you might experience this connection problem: OperationalError - 1044 - Access denied for user. This post shows you the answer to the problem regardless of the programming language you are using such as Python, Java or .Net.

How To Install Microsoft SQL Server 2012

This post shows you the steps to install Microsoft SQL Server 2012

ODBC Tool Explorer

In this post, I'm showing you one of my favourite software tool to explore ODBC databases. It can also be used for managing any other types of databases since it uses JDBC drivers.

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This short post shows you the steps to set up PostgreSQL using Brew on Mac OS.

Python Backup Script For PostgreSQL Automatically

This post shows you a way to automate backing up your PostgreSQL database on your server and to download it to your local machine.