How To Set Up A DNS Server With BIND On Ubuntu

BIND is an acronym for Berkeley Internet Name Domain which is the most widely used DNS software on the Internet and the de factor standard on many Unix-like operating systems. Today I'm going to show you how to install BIND on your Ubuntu machine.

Kerberos Client Setup

Kerberos is a ticket-based computer network authentication protocol with the main aim for the server-client architecture. For example, you can log in into your company's server from your computer at home using the username/password given by your company's server administrator.

How To Install Postfix

Postfix is one of the most popular Mail Transfer Agents on the Internet. Moreover, it's actively being enhanced because it's free and open source. In this article, you are going to see a series of screenshots showing step-by-step instructions for installing this software on local computer.

How To Install Courier IMAP

Courier Mail Server is best known for its IMAP component and normally goes along with POSTFIX. You will find detailed steps for installing Courier IMAP with POSTFIX in this article.

How To Install SASL For POSTFIX

Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL) is a popular framework for authentication and data security. When you install Postfix, SASL is not ready-to-use because it's not part of the implementation. However, you can easily integrate SASL to your existing Postfix version. Let's follow the easy steps in this article to get SASL up and running in your computer.

How To Install SquirrelMail With Postfix

SquirrelMail provides both a web-based email application and an IMAP proxy server. In this article, you can find a step-by-step tutorial as to how to get SquirrelMail up and running.

LDAP Setup Tutorial

LDAP is a protocol for accessing and maintaining distributed directory information over an IP network. This tutorial guides you through the process of installing LDAP.

How To Make Bootable USB Ubuntu

This shows you how to make a bootable usb with Ubuntu.

What Is A Terminal Server

This post helps you understand more about Terminal Servers

RAID 1 Setup On Dell PowerEdge T110 II

This post shows you how to set up Raid 1 on Dell PowerEdge T110 II.