Why Agile Development Is Better Than Waterfall Development

Now there are more and more firms going Agile. This is my personal thought on why Agile development is better than waterfall development. Depending on each individual's experience, there may be different opinions on this.

How To Collect User Requirements

This is a quick outline of the steps for finding user requirements. For each technique, you can find a short description on how to perform it.

Test Driven Development Example

This is a very simple example to demonstrate how Test Driven Development is utilised in the production environment. By going through this, you can get a basic understanding of how to apply this approach.

Test Driven Development

Test Driven Development (TDD) has been embraced by many software development companies recently. Hence, every software engineer should have a good understanding about it. This short video will give you the definition, an example, its advantages as well as disadvantages.

Project Work Vs. Process Work

This short video shows you what the difference between Project Work and Process Work. By understanding the difference, you can gain a better understanding of project management.

Agile Scrum Development

This short video shows you what Scrum is and how it is used in real life.

Risk Management In Software Development

Risk Management plays an important role in the success of any software project. It helps reduce the number of unwelcome surprises and increase the likelihood of your project's success. This short video shows you how to manage your project risks.

Collabtive Web Project Management

This short article shows you how Collabtive works and the steps to install. Bear in mind that many people couldn't install Collabtive due to this error Tables could not be created. I'll also show you how to fix this problem.