How To Run A Python Application In Windows

Suppose you have implemented or downloaded a python script "" which, for example, will print out a list of files/folders on your system. Now you want to execute the script under Windows environments. This will show you a step-by-step instruction.

Why Python Doesn't Import All Libraries Like In Java

When I just started to learn Python, I was wondering why other Pythonists don't put all the import statements right at the beginning of the Python files as in Java which in my mind was much clearer and more structured. Since my background was from Java and moved to Python by jumping into Django, it took me some time to realise this. However, I'm not saying this is totally right. It's basically just my take after doing a number of projects in Python and Django. Hence, you're welcome to comment and give your own thoughts on this.

How To Use Eclipse For Python Development

Eclipse is a powerful IDE which lets you develop your applications with different programming languages such as Java, PHP and Python as well. As it claims to be, Eclipse is a continuing effort aiming to provide a universal toolset for development. In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to get your first Python project work using Eclipse.

Python MySQL Example

This is a quick tutorial on how to connect to MySQL Server using Python.

Access Denied Problem When Connecting to Remote MySQL Servers

If you are having a MySQL server and want to develop a standalone application to connect to the server remotely, you might experience this connection problem: OperationalError - 1044 - Access denied for user. This post shows you the answer to the problem regardless of the programming language you are using such as Python, Java or .Net.

SugarCRM Python REST

This article shows you how to get access to SugarCRM's features using Web Services such as SOAP and REST for Python. Doing this gives you the ability to write custom code with greater flexibility.

Python CSV Files Example

This shows you how to use Python to access data in CSV files.

Python Listing All Sub Folders

This shows you how to collect sub folders' name from the current folder.

Python How To Copy Or Move Folders Recursively

This snippet helps you move or copy sub folders and files of a specified folder to another location.

Python Inserting Images Into Word Documents

This post shows you how to parse and then insert images into MS Word documents.

Python Filter Files In A Directory

This snippet helps you filter files in a directory.

Python Remove Parts Of An Image

This snippet helps you remove parts of an image.

Python How To Copy And Rename Files

This post shows you how to copy and rename files in Python.

Python Rename Multiple Files

This script shows you an example how to rename multiple files with a similar structure in Python.

Python FTP List Directory

This post shows you how to get the list of files/folders from an FTP server.

Python How To Import All Files In A Directory

This code snippet helps you load all the components of a module.

Python Alternative For Switch Statements

This snippet shows you one of the approaches to implement switch statements in python.

Python How To Get The Last Directory Name In A Path

This short post shows you various ways to get the last directory's name in a path by Python

Python Parsing Command Line Arguments

This example shows you how to parse command line arguments using argparse library.

Python Fabric Example

This short example shows you how to use Fabric library

Python Backup Script For MySQL Automatically

This Python snippet can help you do backup for MySQL database remotely and then download it to your local hard drive.

Python ODBC Example

This short tutorial shows you how to connect to ODBC using Python

Python How To Update Word Documents Using Bookmarks

This article explains how you can edit bookmarks in Word documents using Python.

Python Resize All Pictures Of A Folder

This script helps you reduce sizes of all images in the current folder in which the script is run.

Python Backup Script For PostgreSQL Automatically

This post shows you a way to automate backing up your PostgreSQL database on your server and to download it to your local machine.

Python Logging Example

This short article shows you very simple examples on how to use logging features in Python.

Python Sending Email Example

This short example shows you how to send emails through Python

Python Script To Check Server Uptime

This piece of code helps you monitor server uptime and downtime.

Python Excel Example

This article shows you how to handle excel files using Python