SugarCRM Missing CSS Problem

This short tutorial helps you how to fix the missing CSS problem in setting up SugarCRM. When you first install SugarCRM on your server, you might experience this problem in which the system can run normally but no styling is available.

SugarCRM Problem - Studio Fields Editing Error

When you try to create a new field or edit an existing field, you might encounter this error Warning: Creating default object from empty value in view.modulefield.php. This shows you how to fix up the error.

SugarCRM Problem - Code Changes Not Taking Effect

I encountered this problem when I first tried SugarCRM. I tried to edit the code so I could learn how the system worked. However, no changes took effect. This article shows you how I fixed the problem

SugarCRM How To Edit Additional Details In ListView

In SugarCRM, the Additional Details Panel gives you some extra information about a record such as an account or a user without going to the DetailView to get to it. This article shows you how to tailor this panel.

SugarCRM Account vs Contact

This article shows you the difference between Account and Contact in SugarCRM.

SugarCRM Adding Custom Button For Printing Labels Using Javascript

This article shows you how to add a custom button for printing address labels. You will be given steps to add the button in the DetailView of the Accounts module. The same method can be used for any other modules and can also be used for the EditView.

SugarCRM How To Add Custom Actions

Besides the default actions such as EDIT, DETAIL, LIST; we can add extra custom actions for any modules. This article shows you the steps to do that.

SugarCRM How To Add Custom JS Files

SugarCRM is a highly customisable enterprise software. You can change and add extra custom actions into the system by adding custom Javascript files. This article shows you how to add custom Javascript files into your module.

SugarCRM Print Address Labels

This is a continuation of the articles "SugarCRM Adding Custom Button For Printing Labels Using Javascript" and "SugarCRM How To Add Custom Actions". This time, the custom code will help download an address file which can be opened in MS Word for further editing before printing.

SugarCRM How To Add Custom Fields To Modules

This short article shows you step-by-step instructions to add custom fields to an existing module such as Accounts.

SugarCRM How To Debug

Debugging is essential for any software developers to find out the errors and to correct them. SugarCRM is also no exception. It offers you a very convenient way of debugging which will be addressed in this post.

SugarCRM How To Install Zucker Reports

This post shows you how to install Zucker Reports and Jasper Reports on SugarCRM and also gives you a quick understanding on how to generate reports from there. Actually speaking, I couldn't find any articles on the Internet at the time I was doing the installation so it was really a painful experience for me to find out a possible way to get this work. I will show you step by step what I did to install this Zucker Reports and to get my first report generated by Zucker Reports.

SugarCRM - Zucker Reports Problem - Attribute UUID Not Allowed

This post shows you how to fix the problem "Attribute UUID Not Allowed" when uploading Jasper Reports template to Zucker Reports on SugarCRM.

SugarCRM JavaScript Problem - NoneType

This brief trick helps you fix the problem of NoneType in SugarCRM.

SugarCRM Python REST

This article shows you how to get access to SugarCRM's features using Web Services such as SOAP and REST for Python. Doing this gives you the ability to write custom code with greater flexibility.


This is a quick note on where to find the URL for SugarCRM SOAP and REST API.

SugarCRM Invalid Package

This shows you two different methods for fixing the error Invalid Package in SugarCRM.

SugarCRM How To Add Shortcuts To Menu

This post shows you how to add shortcuts into the menu bar of SugarCRM for different modules.

SugarCRM Move To Another Server

This post shows you how to migrate your current SugarCRM installation to a new server which will be the XAMPP server on your local computer in this example.

SugarCRM How To Use Accounts

This post shows you a simple example on how to use SugarCRM to save customers' Account effectively.

SugarCRM ZIP Error(0) Status(0) Archive

This post shows you how to fix this error.

SugarCRM DisplayParams

When designing EditView, DetailView or SearchView; you might want to change the look and feel of your module. Using displayParams, you can easily change how the HTML elements are rendered such as the size of drop down boxes, text boxes and so on.

SugarCRM Access Control Problem For Custom Modules

I ran into the problem of granting permissions on custom modules and found the solution to why this option didn't show up for me at first.

SugarCRM How To Manually Create A Custom Module

SugarCRM gives you a great flexibility to extend its core features. You can use Module Builder to build custom modules easily. However, the problem is that not everything you want can be done by Module Builder. And this is where we have to dig deeper by creating our own modules manually.

SugarCRM How To Change Company Logo

This article shows you how to change the company logo for SugarCRM Community Edition

SugarCRM Problem New Custom Modules Not Showing Up

This short article shows you the trick to fix this problem.

SugarCRM Import Accounts Using ID

This post shows you how to use the import facility to update Accounts or any other modules' entries (using the same principle) using the ID field.

SugarCRM Custom Fields For Duplicate Checking When Importing

This post shows you how to use custom fields for duplicate checking when importing Accounts or any other modules' entries to SugarCRM

SugarCRM Marketing Email Problems With Subscription

This post helps you fix this error in SugarCRM: "You cannot send a marketing email until your subscription list has at least one entry. You can populate your list after finishing."

SugarCRM Send Queued Campaign Emails Not Working And Message Rejected Problem

This post shows you a few tricks as to how to fix the problem Email Campaign Not Sending and Message Rejected in SugarCRM.