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In this post, I'm showing you one of my favourite software tool to explore ODBC databases. It can also be used for managing any other types of databases since it uses JDBC drivers.


I recommend you use this software: Eclipse SQL Explorer. It comes in two flavors. You can set it up either as a standalone application which you can double click on the file sqlexplorer.exe without installation or as a plugin in Eclipse which is an IDE for Java development. Following is a screenshot showing how a connection can be created:

ODBC Tool Explorer

For connecting to ODBC databases using JDBC, you have to use the following connection string:

  • General Format: jdbc:odbc:DSN=<Data_Source_name>
  • You can add extra arguments depending on your connection type. For example, to connect to MYOB ODBC, the connection string is jdbc:odbc:DSN=MYOB;TYPE=MYOB;Driver={MYOAU1001};UID=Administrator;PWD=;. Alternatively, you can also use jdbc:odbc:Database=\path\to\myob\data\file;TYPE=MYOB;UID=Administrator;PWD=;KEY=\path\to\developer\key;ACCESS_TYPE=READ_WRITE;HOST_EXE_PATH=C:\Enterprise19\Myobp.exe;DRIVER_COMPLETION=DRIVER_NOPROMPT;SQL_LOGIN_TIMEOUT=30;SUPPRESS_WARNINGS=true;NETWORK_PROTOCOL=TCPIP;. This greatly differs from software to software.

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