How To Use Eclipse For Python Development

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Eclipse is a powerful IDE which lets you develop your applications with different programming languages such as Java, PHP and Python as well. As it claims to be, Eclipse is a continuing effort aiming to provide a universal toolset for development. In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to get your first Python project work using Eclipse.


1) Install Python
Download Link: Python Download Page

Python Windows

2) Modify your windows PATH variable
This step is optional. However, as a good practice, it's recommended to have your Python executor present in your Windows Path so that you can call python in any directories on the console windows. If you don't know how to do this, please go down to see the screenshots in step 2.

3) Download Eclipse
Eclipse Download Link:

4) Installing PyDev in Eclipse
URL for updating: URL:

5) Configuring PyDev
PyDev will not recognise your Python installation directory automatically. You have to select the folder containing the installation copy of your Python and it will import the libraries from there for you.

6) Creating Projects
To create a Python project with PyDev, you should choose the option PyDev Project. PyDev will take care of importing Python libraries into your project and putting your project into PYTHONPATH.

7) Importing project files
Since your whole project is on PYTHONPATH, you can just use/import any of your project files with auto completion.

8) Running Python files
The console is integrated in Eclipse so you can run Python programs and see the results in the same Eclipse environment.

9) Debugging
If you are an experienced Java programmer, you will find Python debugging is very much similar to that in Java. You can set breakpoints, check values of variables at run time and many more.

Download Source: Simple Python Project In Eclipse

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