MYOB Account Right Enterprise Setup

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This post shows you how to set up MYOB Account Right Enterprise in a terminal environment.


Firstly, Microsoft Office such as Word and Excel, and Microsoft Outlook have to be installed prior to the installation of MYOB Account Right Enterprise. If not, MYOB will not be able to generate reports in Excel or to send emails. Then you have to install the software and give appropriate access permissions to the group of users who will have access to MYOB. Because each user has to have to access to the company data file, you also have to share the folder in which you save the company data file.

As suggested by MYOB, you should have Windows Server 2008 R2 for your server and terminal services installed. If you need information on how to install this, please refer to Windows Server 2008 How To Set Up Terminal Services and Windows Server 2008 RC2 Setup.

The final setup of this tutorial will be as follows:

  1. A Windows Server 2008 RC2 which holds MYOB software and the company data file and allows remote desktop connections
  2. A maximum of 5 computers depending on the number of RDP (Remote Desktop Protocal) licenses you have purchases and the number of users allowed for your version of MYOB
  3. The client computers will have to use remote desktop connection to connect to the server and get access to MYOB

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