MYOB Database Tables

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This short post gives you an excel spreadsheet with all MYOB Database tables, columns and their definition.


The files are available to download below. You can also download the script I've written to search for a specific value in MYOB. When you open the file, you have to edit the following lines to suit your setup:

connection_string= 'DSN=;UID=;PWD=;'
expected_value= 49.49
type_sensitive= True
  • connection_string is the value of your ODBC driver
  • expected_value is the value you want to search in MYOB
  • type_sensitive is to indicate whether you want to distinguish between integer and string values
After running the script, you can have a file with the name 'report.csv' listing MYOB tables and columns which have the matching value. Furthermore, you can have a look at Python ODBC to understand how ODBC can be used in Python so that you can edit the script as you want.
Excel Spreadsheet: MYOB Database Tables
Python Script: MYOB Database Search

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