MYOB How To Extract Data Into Excel Using ODBC

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This post shows you how to connect to MYOB database using ODBC driver in Excel. You can also use the same instructions to connect to any other databases if ODBC drivers for them are provided.


There are 2 steps for this:

  1. Using PivotTable and ODBC
  2. Connecting to MYOB database
For the first step, I will be using PivotTable as one of the ways to display data. PivotTable is also a facility in Excel to analyze data. After understanding how this works, you can also opt to display data in a normal table format by clicking on tab "Data" and then "From Other Sources". For the second step, I assume you have set up a proper ODBC connection using DSN (Data Source Name). If you haven't, please follow the instructions on MYOB How To Set Up ODBC Driver.

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