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This post explains what MYOB ODBC Direct is along with its benefits as well as the pricing for it.


MYOB ODBC Direct is a Windows compatible driver that allows you to gain access to your MYOB company file. It acts as an interface retrieving and providing information right from your company file to other external applications. Using that, manual processes such as cumbersome export procedures can be avoided.

You can maintain a “live” read- only ODBC connection to a registered MYOB company file even while others are entering new transactions, and connections can be created on the fly and run in parallel by many add-on solutions which will not interrupt your daily use.

As mentioned on their official website:

A read-only site licence for MYOB ODBC Direct and 14
days installation support can be purchased in Australia for
$259 directly from MYOB Sales by calling 1300 555 111.
In other regions please contact your local MYOB support
team for pricing details. You will need to have your MYOB
accounting product serial number close by to complete the
ODBC activation process.

You can test MYOB ODBC on the Clearwater sample
company file at no charge, so you can verify that the driver
suites your needs. The Clearwater file is included in all
MYOB business management software Test Drives.

The MYOB ODBC Direct driver may be available at no
charge when you purchase an add-on solution from a
registered MYOB Professional Partner – Developer. This
program provides developers of add-on solutions with a full
set of resources for creating, testing and supporting their

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