MYOB ODBC How To Insert Items Or Customer Contact

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This short tutorial shows you how to insert items, customer contacts into MYOB through ODBC connections.


For MYOB ODBC, let's say you want to insert a new ITEM, it's not that you can insert it directly into the ITEMS table. Instead you have to insert the new item into IMPORT_ITEMS table. When you do SQL Commit, the data will be imported into the corresponding tables. Following is a full list of IMPORT tables in MYOB ODBC:

  • Import_Account_Budgets
  • Import_Accounts
  • Import_Activities
  • Import_Activity_Slips
  • Import_Consolidated_TaxCodes
  • Import_Contact_Log
  • Import_Custom_List
  • Import_Customer_Cards
  • Import_Employee_Cards
  • Import_General_Journals
  • Import_Inventory_Adjustments
  • Import_Item_Purchases
  • Import_Item_Sales
  • Import_Items
  • Import_Jobs
  • Import_Miscellaneous_Purchases
  • Import_Miscellaneous_Sales
  • Import_NonConsolidated_TaxCodes
  • Import_Pay_Bills
  • Import_Personal_Cards
  • Import_Professional_Purchases
  • Import_Professional_Sales
  • Import_Receive_Money
  • Import_Receive_Payments
  • Import_Service_Purchases
  • Import_Service_Sales
  • Import_Spend_Money
  • Import_Supplier_Cards
  • Import_TimeBilling_Sales
  • Import_Timesheets
  • Import_Transaction_Journals
For all the available fields of each table, please consult the corresponding documentation on the table from MYOB ODBC User Guide
Below is an SQL example on how to insert Customers Cards:
INSERT INTO Import_Customer_Cards (CoLastName, FirstName, CardID) 
VALUES (('Customer1', 'TIM' , '123456'), ('Customer2', 'JACK' , '12345'))
Also you have to make sure you have set WRITE access for your data connection. An example on WRITABLE connection string:
Driver={MYOAU1001}; TYPE=MYOB; UID=Administrator; PWD=MyPassword; 
KEY=C:\Premier\123456700000.key; DATABASE

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