Outlook Keeps Asking For Password

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This problem can happen for any email providers such as Hotmail or Gmail. When I was asked to fix this for my boss, it was a nightmare since there were many different solutions on the Internet and of course we don't want our boss to be annoyed right? After encountering different problems leading to this, it turned out to be more understandable why this happens so frequently and people still can't find the right solution.


Software: In this tutorial, I'm using Outlook 2007 but the solutions can be used for any versions of Outlook. It's just different in the way the menus and tabs are located in different versions of Outlook.

There are quite a few possible reasons for this to happen. Below are the steps to resolve. Since we don't know what the main problem of your Outlook, you can try all the steps without worrying your Outlook will be damaged.

Possibility 1: Your Outlook Personal Folders File Was Corrupted

It might happen that your outlook files have been corrupted due to improper shutdown or power cut.
1) Click "File" menu
2) Select "Data File Management" option
3) Select tab "Data Files" in "Account Settings"
4) Click "Add" button
5) Choose "Office Outlook Personal Folders File" and hit Ok
6) Choose the place for saving the file or just leave it as default
You should also set a name for the file when asked to
7) Change to the tab "Emails" in the same window you have opened in step 3
8) Choose the email account which is asking for your password repeatedly. Don't double click. Only select the account.
9) At the bottom, click "Change Folder" button
10) It will show you a window with a list of data files as you can see in step 3
11) Choose the file you have created in step 6 and click Ok
12) Close the Account Settings window and restart your Outlook

Possibility 2: Your Settings Might Be The Problem

I also don't know why it happens like that. However, this works sometimes. All you need to do is to remove your email account and re-add it after that.

Possibility 3: Your Email ID Was Banned

This situation happens more frequently than before for both Hotmail and Gmail.
1) Click on this Google Unlock Captcha
2) Sign in with your email ID
3) Open Outlook and click on "Send/Receive"
You have to do this step within 10 minutes after you have done step 2

You have to sign in your Hotmail online. At this time, because your account was banned, it will ask you several security questions.

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