PyDev Unresolved Import Error

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Those who have been using PyDev for a while might encountered the problem of Unresolved Import Error. Even though the functions and classes do exist in PYTHON PATH and your applications can actually execute perfectly, PyDev might be still showing red error messages showing the import statements were wrong. This quick material comes from my own experience after running into the same situation, googling and experimenting to get the correct answers which worked in my case.


Since you are searching how to fix PyDev Import Errors, I assume you have already known and got PyDev working in your Eclipse environment. However, if it's the case, you can take a quick look at some of my materials such as How To Create A Django Project Using Eclipse And XAMPP and Django Development With Eclipse and PyDev to have some basic understanding about PyDev.

PyDev Import Errors can occur if your current projects are using source code in another project which doesn't exist in PYTHONPATH. This is the simplest case to handle. All you have to do is to add the other project(s) into PYTHONPATH of your Eclipse.

PyDev Unresolved Import Error - Step sshot-1.jpg

PyDev Unresolved Import Error - Step sshot-2.jpg

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