RAID 1 Setup On Dell PowerEdge T110 II

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This post shows you how to set up Raid 1 on Dell PowerEdge T110 II.


Suppose you have just purchased a Dell PowerEdge T110 II with 2 physical disks and you want to set up RAID 1. Normally when your server is shipped, its configuration will be 1 virtual disk with 2 physical disks. Let's say you have got 500MB for each physical disk. When you load Windows, it will show as 1 disk of 1TB. Now assume you want to change this to RAID 1 and when you load Windows, 1 disk of 500MB will be shown.

1) Boot the server and the setup screen
2) Change from SATA to RAID
3) Save changes and confirm for data loss
4) PERC S100: Virtual Disk Management
5) Initialize physical disks
6) Initialize for PERC S100
7) Remove Virtual Disks
8) Initialize physical disks
9) Create a virtual disk with 2 physical disks
10) Choose RAID 1
11) Reboot

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