SugarCRM DisplayParams

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When designing EditView, DetailView or SearchView; you might want to change the look and feel of your module. Using displayParams, you can easily change how the HTML elements are rendered such as the size of drop down boxes, text boxes and so on.



$searchdefs ['your_module'] = array (
	'layout' => array (
		'basic_search' => array (

#--------------changing the display size of a drop down box----------------------

			'dropdown_element' => array (
				'name' => 'dropdown_element',
				'default' => true,
				'width' => '10%',
#--------------changing the display size of a text area----------------------

			'content' => array (
				'name' => 'content',
				'type' => 'text',
				'default' => false,
				'width' => '10%',

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