SugarCRM How To Install Zucker Reports

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This post shows you how to install Zucker Reports and Jasper Reports on SugarCRM and also gives you a quick understanding on how to generate reports from there. Actually speaking, I couldn't find any articles on the Internet at the time I was doing the installation so it was really a painful experience for me to find out a possible way to get this work. I will show you step by step what I did to install this Zucker Reports and to get my first report generated by Zucker Reports.


SugarCRM Community Edition doesn't come with report features as the professional versions. However, there are a few third party plugins out there providing similar features. Zucker Reports is one of them. It works using the Jasper Reports libraries to generate all the required documents.

1 - Install ZuckerReports It shows you what and where to download the files. You can then find how to upload the files to SugarCRM for installing.

2 - Unsuccessful Installation for JasperReports This was my first attempt to install Jasper Reports. Even though I did follow the online instructions and had changed all the necessary settings, it didn't work. You can check this out in case you want to know and try this method first. Sometimes you can be lucky. Otherwise, just go ahead with step 3.

3 - Install Jasper Reports Successfully This is a workaround method. I uploaded the add-on file directly to the server and then made a copy of the file manifest.php to the same folder of the add-on file. After that, you also have to change the file name to match with the name of the add-on file.

4 - Installing iReport & Creating A Template This shows you where to download the installer for iReport and how you can create a simple report using iReport. However, bear in mind that there is a compatibility problem between the latest version of iReport and the JasperReports plugin provided from Zucker Reports. For further information, please check out this article Jasper Reports Problem - Attribute UUID Not Allowed

5 - Configuring Jasper Reports This shows you how to configure Zucker Reports to recognise Java setup and to be able to user JasperReports libraries. There are 2 methods for doing this. I recommend you to try the first one first.

6 - Running Reports This shows you how to upload Jasper Reports templates onto Zucker Reports and how to generate your own reports from the SugarCRM.

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