SugarCRM How To Manually Create A Custom Module

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SugarCRM gives you a great flexibility to extend its core features. You can use Module Builder to build custom modules easily. However, the problem is that not everything you want can be done by Module Builder. And this is where we have to dig deeper by creating our own modules manually.


This article shows you a simple example on how to build a custom module, called Deliveries by which you can record tracking numbers (AWB - Air Way Bill Number), delivery dates, content of the deliveries. Following are the steps to be accomplished:

1) Create an empty folder structure
2) Declare the new modules in your SugarCRM instance
3) Code the module
4) Uploading to server: bear in mind at this stage your module is not working perfectly. You still need to adjust language packs and add variables for drop down menus
5) Fixing server: I will show you how you handle all the missing parts.
You can download the zipped source code at: SugarCRM Manually Creating Custom Modules Source Code. Bear in mind that after creating a custom module, you might run into SugarCRM Problem New Custom Modules Not Showing Up

The very first step is to create the following folder structure which you can then put it under modules/<Your_new_module>.

SugarCRM Manually Creating Custom Modules Step 1

You can download the file at: SugarCRM Manually Creating Custom Modules - Empty Folder
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