Windows Server 2008 RC2 Setup

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This post briefs you on the general commands you have to use when setting up Windows Server 2008.


1 - Setting up Active Directory and then DNS

  1. Open "Initial Configuration Tasks"
  2. Under "Customise this server", click "Add Roles"
  3. Select "Active Directory Domain Services"
  4. Open Run dialog, and type dcpromo
  5. Select "Create a new domain in a new forest"
  6. Enter your domain's parameters
  7. Select to install DNS when asked
  8. Restart server

2 - Creating users and groups

  1. Open "Active Directory Users and Computers"
  2. Create Groups and Users as you want

3 - Setup DHCP and Join Clients

  1. On Server: Open Start\Server Manager
  2. Add Role
  3. Select DHCP Server
  4. Create DHCP Scope which is a range of IP addresses to give to DHCP Clients
  5. Go to Server Manager, and add DNS role
  6. On Client: Change the IP address to static
  7. Point the DNS server of the client to your DNS Server
  8. Open Computer Management\ Properties
  9. Join the domain you created earlier

4 - Sharing and Permission

Preferably, users should be grouped so that permissions can be applied per group instead of individual user. In the case of new staff coming, we can add them into the existing groups and all the permission setup will be instantly available to them.

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